Belle Grove (Corsica Vol. 2) by Katherine Winfield


Author: Katherine Winfield
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Length of book: 436 pages
Price: 16.99 (USD)


**I received a Kindle copy of this book for free from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review**


Review: A book with more than 400 pages, ‘Belle Grove’ is an intertwinement of characters. The story moves to each new page with support of detailed insights, flashbacks and emotions of each of those characters and how they all are trying to come to terms with their life stories. Each woman is a protagonist of her own story. Libby, with her clairvoyant abilities, returns in ‘Belle Grove’ and sets out to unravel the two murder mysteries existing in different centuries.


Kendall, a beautiful woman from the 80s, is found dead, possibly murdered, many years ago without any trace of why a happy woman full of zeal would give up on life so easily.


Then there is Sonia in the present, a fashionable and aristocratic woman, famous for her notoriety and from a big city is murdered under mysterious circumstances.


The question at the table of Corsica book club is who murdered these women and why?


Was it Julie Seevers? A store owner trying to mend her crumbling marriage who was present at one of the crime scenes.
Was it Will? Julie’s husband and a cop with apparently close relations with Sonia.
Or was it Michael? Sonia’s jealous husband, a man with a mysterious past involving Kendall and an inexplicable knack to be a perfectionist.
Could it be the Laverty brothers? Fred Laverty, with his socially weird mannerism or Colin Laverty, with a unique connection to Kendall along with hatred for his townspeople.
Or could it be Tabatha a.k.a. Tabs? An introverted teenager with a miserable past trying to find the reason her mother, Kendall, apparently killed herself. Did the quiet Tabs drive herself to murder Sonia due to her obsessive and possessive nature towards finding out about her dad and the extreme need to belong to a family?


Libby, the inquisitive, sharp-minded and clairvoyant woman with a talent for playing detective, finds herself in yet another double-murder mystery. With her own past coming back to haunt her, she takes the help of her spiritual guru, Tassie, to untwist the knots of Kendall’s death and the latest murder at Belle Grove.


Will she be able to find the killer before another innocent is murdered? Will she be able to come to terms with her past to save her and the life of her friends from shattering? Will she be able to help the spirit of Kendall in finding the truth and letting Kendall’s spirit go into the light with ease?


Belle Grove is a murder mystery with a horror element that requires the reader’s patience before they can find the truth about a spirit from the past and a notorious woman from the present.